13 Wedding Tips You Actually Want to Hear

13 Wedding Tips You Actually Want to Hear

So you’re probably reading this because you are either: A) recently engaged (YAY, Congrats!), B) love weddings (me too, who doesn’t?), or C) secretly planning your wedding on Pinterest, but yet to find your S.O.

Fian-say-what!? We are excited for you and want to help you plan the best day of your life. There are so many different opinions floating around about how you should plan your wedding, including: who to invite, how much you should spend, what flavour your wedding cake should be and it can get seriously overwhelming!

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Opinions wanted and unwanted, here are some great tips from brides, wedding planners and anyone who has been through the stress of planning a wedding. If I hear one more person say “Don’t be stressed, its your wedding! This should be fun” mark my words, my inner bridezilla will UNLEASH.

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Okay, so maybe there are some exciting bits to planning your wedding like…

Wedding Cake Tasting

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Wedding Dress Shopping

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If you are recently engaged and your Facebook is flooded with “congratulations” messages and every single person is asking you “how’s the wedding planning going?” and you are OVER IT, pour yourself a cuppa’, get cozy in your favourite ragged pj’s and read these amazing tips from real brides, wedding planners, and every girl planning their imaginary wedding . You don’t even have to get back with them with an awkward message of acknowledgement-BONUS!

These gorgeous ladies dug deep through their memories, some nearly a decade and graciously gave up their golden secrets to help you on your big day.

13 Wedding Tips You Actually Want to Hear

1.  My best tip from being a wedding coordinator is that if you don't like your wet weather contingency option - then DON'T pick that venue (no matter how much you love it). You can never predict the weather, no matter what time of year it is.

- Jess Denner, Wedding Coordinator 

You’ve been warned

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2. Make a list of photos with people you want on day so you don’t get your photos back and don’t have a photo with special people. Have someone on the day that is the point of contact for photographer that isn’t bride or groom who can get the people on the list for the photographer so you don’t waste too much time on your special day having photos and not mingling with your guests.

- Bettina Bodley Byron Bay Wedding Planner 

Mum & Dad, check! Tom Hanks, check!

3.  If your goal is to be married by the end of the day, everything else is just fluff. Also, invest in a good wedding planner/diary and stay organized (we make wedding planners ????)

- Laura Feldman https://ivoryhaus.com.au/

Get planning!

4. Biggest thing - go with your gut. Listen to what your gut tells you about it all. When it comes to venue? Come prepared! Ask lots of questions. If you have a bad vibe about it, don’t book it.

- Sam De Silva Wedding planner, MC and coordination

Give your fiancé the signal

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5. Take the time and spend the money for a hair and makeup trial. - Elise Shell

Or accept your fate

6. Make sure to communicate with your photographer on what kind of photos you’d like for your big day.  Photos that may seem as common sense to you could be different to what the photographer has in mind. You may miss out on important photos to you such as family photos, back of dress, cake cutting etc.  I almost missed out on a family photo and had to personally ask the photographer to take a quick immediate family photo before he left.

- Anonymous bride

Just a little to the left, honey. Perfect!

7. I guess the biggest tip I can say is start with a goal and remember it’s only about you and your fiancé. Everyone else’s opinion is appreciated but it’s yours that counts. Also breathe. Some people are only trying to help.

- Rebecca Costa, bride-to-be

Remember to say “Thank You”

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8. The biggest one for me has been accepting that there is no such thing as perfection. I have had a dream for a long time as to what my "ideal" wedding would be or look like. In the past 10 months, I have learnt that it is not really about the wedding at all, it is about making your marriage official. The good food and music, the company of all your friends and family etc. are just all bonuses!

- Tessa Carleton, bride

Tessa on her wedding day-Boho Chic!

9. Rule one - it’s a day for the bride and groom, worry about what you want and don’t let others decide for you. Do as much planning before the day to get this right, but be open to things going wrong. Prepare food for the day as you end up having 2 glass of bubbles with no food and you're drunk haha!

- Jada Boland, bride

Jada and her bridesmaids- Bottoms up, babes!

10. The best tip would be to agree with everything your Mother suggests to her face then politely make faces behind her back…

- Anne Van Dusen, mother of the bride

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12. Do not stress about perfection. Some of my best wedding memories are the things that didn’t go quite according to plan (like thinking the hotel parking was full and walking through the market in our wedding clothes to much applause and cheering). Also, if you can carve out a quiet moment just the two of you during the day you won’t regret it.

- Kristine Van Dusen, bride

You didn't think I'd miss the opportunity to post the Royal Wedding again, did you?

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13. Have a call sheet for each of the bridesmaids hair and make up and give everyone a copy including hair and makeup artists, so they know. The less people harassing you when you are trying to get ready the better.

- Heather McDowall, experienced bridesmaid

... and don't forget to eat some CAKE! ????

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