Little Bow Chic

Little Bow Chic

Okay, so we don’t all have personal stylists and a whole walk-in closet with endless outfits, Kim K style! So when you’re deciding what headpiece is going to complete your outfit, we know it’s not the simplest decision.

If you’ve ever said to yourself “I have nothing to wear” this post is definitely for you! At first glance, the Jessica Bow can be quite daunting. When most people think bows, Dance Moms comes to mind, or Newborn baby photos where all you can see is a massive bow with a tiny dash of Newborn human. So-  we get it.  Bows however, are an essential race day classic,  reinvented this year in the form of our Jessica Bow.

 There is no such thing as " I Cant Wear That Headpiece" - more like " I Don't Know How to Stye That Headpiece". Here is where we save the day.

To ease the pain of getting yourself #RaceDayReady we’ve come up with simple styling tips to wear your new Jessica Bow and avoid looking like Little Bo Peep and make sure you look like Little Bow Chic!

It's time you let your outfit do the talking.


Jessica Blue

It’s not just about colour coordinating, its about the mood & vibe of the colour you are wearing.

Jessica Blue is for the race-goer who is out to have fun and socialise with friends.

Pair your Jessica Bow in Blue with this fun and frilly off -the- shoulder midi dress by Elliatt.

Stabilise your prints with this bow to bring out the blue or pair with solid colours.

Jessica Black

One word: Sophistication.

Is your whole wardrobe black? Mine too.

Why’s that? Because black goes with everything!

It’s funny how a colour (or non-colour for argument sake), can change the entire vision of your outfit.

We envision Jessica Black as the finishing touch to a sophisticated and sleek look paired with classic black pumps.

Opt for an LBD or a printed power suit and a high pony with your Jessica bow in black and bring a serious and classic look trackside this weekend.



Jessica Pink

Flirty is the word that comes to mind when we think of Jessica in pink.

Think soft, feminine, floaty feels when deciding what to wear with your pink bow. Pastels and light florals are a must for Spring Racing and Ladies Oaks Day!

We love this Pasduchas mini with sheer embroidery detail paired with Jessica in Pink!

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