Major Girl Crush- Sarsha Cassidy

Major Girl Crush- Sarsha Cassidy
Its no secret that we have fallen in love with Sarsha Cassidy! Spend 5 minutes with this girl and you will too.  We sat down with Sarsha recently to talk all things racing, fashion and fitness.
1.  How did you come up with the idea of your Fashion and Lifestyle Blog, and when was it launched?

Three years ago my sister Nicole and I started our first blog. We were inspired by a few girls we knew had created their own blogs and were very successful with them. 

We wanted our blog to cover horse racing fashion and lifestyle and we called it ‘Let’s Get Racy’. Nicole focused on the fashion side from Hong Kong and I focused on Sydney and Melbourne. It allowed me to have a mini show reel as I would go out to the races and interview people about the fashion on the day. A few months later I went in for an interview with William Hill Australia and applied to be the Media Representative for the company and I got it! I was over the moon but had no time to work on the blog as well so unfortunately and reluctantly, we had to stop the blog due to our busy lives and Nicole focusing on her family.

In 2016 I decided to create my own blog called This blog still covers horse racing fashion but also my other passions such as fitness, beauty, food and lifestyle. The blog gives me a great platform to showcase these. I work closely with a few brands including Heather McDowall, F45 Matraville,  Makeup Artist Nikki Beverley, Nicholas Haywood Jewellery, The Spray Tan Salon, clothing labels Giselle and Sophia, Whiterunway and Forcast. I think it is so important to thank the people who support you throughout your career. 

2.What was it like growing up in the horse racing industry? And having a dad like jockey legend Jim Cassidy?

I loved being a part of the horse racing industry; even as a child my mum would dress my sister and I up in stunning dresses and hats and head to the races to watch our dad ride. One memory was back in 1997 after my dad had won the Melbourne Cup, Nicole and I got to take dad into school for show and tell! That was a proud moment for me,  even though I was only seven at the time, I knew it was pretty special. 


 3.Who inspires you?
Honestly, my mum and dad for very different reasons. My mum inspires me to be a better person and also look on the bright side of life. She has always taught me that being nice to other people will always come back to you and I totally agree with this. Treat people the way you would want to be treated and this will get you far in life. I am very lucky to have such an amazing mum who has always put my sister and I first and without her I would be lost.   My dad is such a go getter. He has achieved so much throughout his career and I honestly couldn’t be prouder of him. Dad has always said growing up “It doesn’t matter how far you fall, It’s how high you soar after that counts”. Life doesn’t always go the way you want it to; things go wrong and you feel like giving up, but it’s my dad who has always sparked that fire in me to never give up and keep following my passions no matter what happens along the way. Within the sporting industry, some of the women who inspire me include Yvonne Sampson, Lara Pitt, Erin Molan and Francesca Cumani. I know a lot of people say this but it is so nice to see strong, ambitious women who really hold their own in what 
4. What does a typical day in the life of Sarsha Cassidy look like

Anyone who follows me on social media knows I am obsessed with coffee so that is my first step in the morning! I’ll then watch a bit of Fox Sports, get ready for the gym and head to F45 Matraville for a workout. Then, depending on what we are filming for the week with William Hill Australia, I will pick up a few dresses from my favourite ladies at Giselle and Sophia, White Runway and Forcast.  I will usually spend a few hours at William Hill filming, then head home to do a coastal walk with my dog or do another gym session in the afternoon. 

5. It’s clear you are an avid gym goer and are a big activist of F45 Matraville. What are some of your favourite workouts? 

I was introduced to F45 Matraville and have never looked back. It is the best way to stay lean and toned. I love that F45 Matraville combines elements of High-Intensity Interval Training, Circuit Training, and Functional Training. It is a team-based, functional fitness facility that places a huge emphasis on the 'three key factors' of motivation, innovation and results. Some of my favourite workouts are kettle bell swings, box jumps, TRX cords, sled push and smash balls. The best part about F45 Matraville is that the trainers are so motivating and really push you to get the best workout. 

6. How do you do your makeup for the races? 

My mum has always taught me that less is more. I always get a Spray Tan at The Spray Tan Salon for events so as long as I have a nice glow, I tend to opt for a light brown smokey eye, darken my eye brows and apply a matte nude lip. If I really want my makeup to look amazing for the day, I'll call Nikki Beverley. I wish I could have her do my makeup everyday! 

7. When you are getting ready for the races, Do you get your headpiece first or the dress?

As everyone knows, I only wear Heather McDowall headpieces. I always choose my headpiece or boater first and then base my outfit around that. At the races, while the dress and shoes are important, I strongly believe that it is all about what hat or headpiece you are wearing. It adds that extra sparkle to your outfit, and it is the one time of year you get to do it so make it count! This year I have had some fun wearing Heather’s amazing pieces.

8. Why do you love Heather McDowall headpieces and which one is your favourite?

I first met Heather at a Thoroughbred Event where a few milliners were showcasing their designs in a room full of racegoers. My sister and I were taking photos for our Let’s Get Racy blog and as we scanned the room to find a milliner that really stood out Nicole and I both looked at each other and literally both said at the same time “Ummm amazing”. Heather embodies what racing is all about: class, flair and sophistication but with a young, fresh twist.  If you are anything like me, when I go the races I want to feel classy but stand out from the crowd and when wearing Heathers pieces trust me, you will. Not only are her designs incredible but as a person Heather is such a lovely, hard working and supportive friend who has really encouraged me in my own career. You need these amazing people in your life!  

My favourite piece so far would have to be the Sarsha Boater. The white and pink just radiates that summer vibe and is a must have!

9. Who are some of your favourite fashion labels at the moment and why?

The brand ‘Giselle and Sophia’ is one of my favourite labels at the moment. They have the perfect dresses for race day, wedding's and birthday's without breaking the bank. 

I am lucky enough to loan dresses from White Runway where I have borrowed and worn a few Nookie dresses which fit like a glove. If you are like me and have curves, make sure you buy Nookie- this brand is designed for girls with hips.

I am also in love with Australian designer Rebecca Vallance. I love that her designs are so different to everyone else. Her tailored dresses are so flattering for all shapes and sizes and the perfect brand for race day.

10.  Who is your hot tip for the Melbourne Cup?

It’s not really a tip but I will be screaming for Max Dynamite to win this year as my brother in law Zac Purton will be riding it. I would just love to see him win a Melbourne Cup, he really is one of the best jockeys in the world and would be amazing if he crosses the finish line first. If he does, he will hear me cheering from Sydney!

To keep up to date with Sarsha follow her on Instagram @sarsha_cassidy and online

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