New Obsession Alert- Monique Abel Makeup

New Obsession Alert- Monique Abel Makeup
As females we are naturally obsessed with Makeup, and we have fallen in absolute love with this beauty and talented Makeup Goddess- Monique Abel. We spent some time with her recently to find out what goes on on behind the scenes. 

I noticed you have set up a new studio in March in your home town of Townsville, is this where most of the magic happens?

Yes! I opened up my makeup studio in March this year which was so exciting! I had taken a break from freelancing makeup & focused on being a mum but still sharing my love for makeup online. After growing such an amazing following & being connected with talented peopled who shared the same passion for makeup as me and working with well known cosmetic houses, I began to field a tonne of makeup enquiries from local men and women who were enquiring about makeup bookings. I felt it was a great time in my life to get back into client makeup and wanted to have a space where I could invite people in. 

 What does a typical day look like for you?

My son is an earlier riser so we are usually up at 6am having breakfast, showering and getting ready for the day. My first stop is usually dropping him off to school and then heading to my shop and planning out my week. 

What do you love most about your job?

I love that it doesn’t feel like a “job”. I have so much passion for what I do that I get excited to wake up and go to “work”. I love the creativity and interaction I get all over the world with my followers and cosmetic brands just through sharing makeup looks on Instagram. I also love helping build people’s confidence to experiment with different makeup looks and colour. In terms of doing people’s makeup in my shop, you can never beat the feeling of making somebody feel confident and beautiful!

What is the best way for people to get in touch with you?

I am forever on social media so people can contact me through my Facebook account @moniqueabelmakeup   or my instagram account @Moniqueabelmakeup , alternatively send me an email I check all three religiously. 

 Who's face would you love to paint?

Ohhh! That is such a tough question…. There are so many beautiful celebrity faces I would love to paint… some include Rosie Huntington Whitely, Olivia Culpo, Romee Strijd, Giselle Bunchden and of course it wouldn’t be very makeup artist of me if I didn’t say Kimmy K! 

Your favourite makeup item you can't live without?

It’s so hard to just pick one product because I feel like I need a few to feel “alive" but I don’t think I could live without my mascara. 

 Is there a particular makeup brand that you love to use?

There isn’t one brand in particular I use because there are so many amazing products from an array of different brands but some of my top favourites include Make Up Forever, Charlotte Tilbury. Morphe Brushes, Too Faced, MAC & the list goes on...

 I see you love to use colour, what's your favourite colour and why?

I love using colour on my Instagram posts. Instagram is a really creative outlet for me in regards to my makeup - I find I post a lot of bold, colourful looks to my social platforms as it allows me to show a creative side to makeup that I don’t wear on a day-to-day basis. People love to see artistry on Instagram & I feel like I connect well with my audience when I post “out there” makeup looks. 

 Hottest makeup trend at the moment?

I feel like you can never go passed a beautiful dewy, glowing complexion with a great brown neutral tone smokey eye and a barely there lip… always effortless but yet so beautiful. 

Go to lip colour for a special night out?

For a night out I can never go past a great nude lipstick (I always reach for my Tom Ford Nude Vanille) - it always looks great with neutral smokey tones on the eyes and it’s super low maintenance for when you have a few sneaky glasses of champagne. 

What has been the most exciting experience you have had in your career?

There have been a tonne of amazing career opportunities since I have started sharing my makeup on Instagram. Earlier this year I was invited to host 2 makeup Masterclasses in Europe. Absolute dream! I also have some exciting things in the works which I cannot talk about yet…. you will have to stay tuned! 

 Being a mum plus a successful makeup artist- you must be exhausted! How do you deal with time management and what do you do for 'me' time?

It is very challenging making the both work but I think when you are passionate about something you always find a way to make it work . For “me” time I love doing a great face mask, relaxing on the couch watching some trash tv (can never go past The Real Housewives) or just sitting in peace in quiet doing some online shopping - isn’t it funny how the simple things are the most blissful after you have children! 

  This is why we are obsessed with Monique, check out all of her amazing work below.   All photos taken from her Instgram account @moniqueabelmakeup [gallery columns="4" ids="2130,2123,2127,2126,2121,2128,2125,2138,2129,2124,2119,2120"]

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