Cassandra Anderson- Bringing Art To Life
How often do you meet people that have turned their hobby and passion into a career? Its called living the dream right?
A dream that talented Artist Cassandra Anderson is enviably living right now. 

A dream that saw her enter into the corporate world and feeling uninspired and unfulfilled she sat down one day with nothing but paper and markers. What came to life on the paper was more than just fashion figures, it was an awakening of the soul.. and Cassandra Anderson Illustration was born.
Only a few short years ago, Cass mustered up the courage to create an Instagram page @cassandraandderson_Illustration to share her work.
Soon after she was bombarded with emails to create custom illustrations, live sketches at events, exhibitions, illustrate Interiors of salons and earlier this year she received an email from US Retailer -Anthropologie.
They wanted to collaborate with her.
Her line art of Australia was printed on Tees and sold throughout Anthropologie stores in the US with proceeds going to Bush Fire Relief efforts

"Mustering the courage to share her work" Pfffftttt. (Cassandra's words not mine people). I know right, what courage do you need to muster up? Your work is amazing.

Talented Artist- Cassandra Anderson is livin la vida loca
and im so honoured to be sharing some of her work via The Edit.

We sat down with Cass recently to find out what inspires her, career highlights and why slow fashion is important to her.

Where do you draw inspiration from for your designs?
I have always had an eye for fashion given my European heritage but in particular, I draw inspiration from the beauty, aesthetics and simplicity of the fashion figures, lines and shapes that can be manipulated to capture reality but in a whimsical and light style. It is not what one wears, but rather the way in which one owns the look. 

What was the idea that got you started and inspired the birth of your brand?
After university, I thought long and hard about what I wanted my life and career to look like. While I was thinking, I sat down to draw some art because I wanted to hang something new in my room. That exact process brought me so much joy and soon I connected the dots and realised that was what I wanted to do more than anything! 

What has been a career highlight for you? (Besides being on The Edit of course)
A career highlight was certainly working alongside US fashion and homewares retailer Anthropologie where I created an Australian line T-shirt with them. We sold online and in stores across America (even on Fifth avenue which was incredible)! What was even more amazing about it was that part proceeds from the sales went to Bushfire relief efforts. 

What are some positives to come out of 2020?
It challenged me to think differently and on my feet. Adaptability and being reactive are such important factors in this industry at times and this was my chance to apply them! 

COVID - 19 provided a platform in many ways for creators and consumers alike to change their production and buying habits. One in particular that I felt strongly about was to support local and I’m thrilled to be able to do this alongside the other talented designers through The Edit.

What does Slow Fashion mean to you?
Slow Fashion is awareness, longevity, sustainability, versatility and quality with a focus not only on customer consumption but product creation. 


December 11, 2020 — Heather McDowall

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