What is The Edit?

So you've come to my website because you want to buy a hat.. nek minnet you can see there's all these images of dresses and tops you can buy and the word slow fashion been thrown around and everything looks so different, and I thought you were a milliner Heather and its all so confusing and what the hell is going on?...Yeah I hear you.

How about we just take a moment to sit down Karen, relax, and let me explain..

It's safe to say this year has turned all of our worlds upside down. While in lock down I must admit I did succumb to giving myself a rona hair cut and tried to join the rest of the world in a baking frenzy with most of it going straight into the bin. (Ok my frenzy lasted all of one afternoon by the stove top. Never again)

We all have our strengths and weaknesses- cooking and hair cuts are not mine.

What I did learn ( I already know I'm a bad cook so I didnt't learn anything new there) is that this year has been the biggest shake up that the Fashion Industry needed. 

People are more conscious about their shopping habits and where they can, supporting Australian made Brands. What they do find a bit of a shock to the system, is the Australian made price. But It is that price for a reason, our local wages are higher, we aren't set up (yet, i'm working on that) to fully meet the demands of the manufacturing Industry, our materials supply is in shortage. 

(Stay with me i'm getting to my point)

After the three month lock down period in Sydney, when we were allowed to sit down in a cafe again, I was introduced to Eileen Kirby. The idea behind us meeting was to work out a way in which we could support each others business through this time, with Eileen dresses to go up on my website.

I left the meeting at the Cafe, with my brain ticking overtime, even more than the usual adult adhd level it does. 

What was only meant to be one designer, has now turned into 4 designers (Because my name is Heather McDowall and I don't do anything by halves) with the concept of celebrating Australian made slow fashion labels.

There is such an in depth process that goes on behind the scenes to create these garments, and these are the stories I want to share with you all. From pattern making, sampling, sourcing materials, constructing garments, illustrating art work to then have it hand printed to T-shirts, the process is incredible.

Some designers are made to order with a lead time of 7 days, others have garments already in stock design. Each and every designer is different, but their values are the same.

Australian made with a focus on quality over quantity. 

The Edit has been designed to bring designers together to one shopping destination, proudly supporting the dreamers, the designers, the artists and all things Australian made.

And yes you can still buy my hats on this website. That hasn't changed.


December 11, 2020 — Heather McDowall

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