The Bridal Edition: Kendall & Clayton's Wedding

The Bridal Edition: Kendall & Clayton's Wedding

Here are some amazing images featuring one of our beautiful Heather McDowall brides. Kendall wears a custom-made leather and lace piece made especially for her, with love. Congratulations again Kendall & Clayton!

Kendall&Clayton0100a Kendall&Clayton0110a Kendall&Clayton0130a Kendall&Clayton0231a Kendall&Clayton0237a Kendall&Clayton0242a Kendall&Clayton0248a Kendall&Clayton0251a Kendall&Clayton0255a Kendall&Clayton0263a Kendall&Clayton0278a Kendall&Clayton0301a Kendall&Clayton0389a Kendall&Clayton0468a Kendall&Clayton0573a Kendall&Clayton0610a Kendall&Clayton0643a Photography by Carly Tia

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